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Then open your account profile and create your first avatar character. How many avatars you create is based on your "Tier Membership Level".

Learn more about "Membership Tier Levels here".

NOTE: a confirmation eMail was sent after you've submitted this application. Membership identifications are tied directly to that initial eMail address as a "salted encryption" process. Non-confirmed accounts are moved into an "Undead Status" after 30 days and charged a non-refundable $2.00 reinstatement administrative & handling fee.

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Your member's "tier level" determines how many avatars characters are available to you in this Syndicated gaming network.

As a "Registered Guest", Your first (#1) character is FREE. This avatar is available in any game mode for as long as you remain an "Active participating" member! See Membership FAQ

As a member, you can also play by postal mail, "HTML eMail", or FAX. These modes do require a small processing fee for any of your characters. This is fully explained in the Rulebook .

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